Dr. Elizabeth Leddy Laborde in Dallas, Texas 75208-3564

By | May 2, 2016

Elizabeth Leddy Laborde is a Pediatric dentist in Dallas, Texas.

With a dental office located at 932 N Montclair Ave in Dallas, contact Dr. Elizabeth Leddy Laborde about dental services they provide for children. Here at PediatricDentistNearMe.com, we provide a free directory of over 6,000 Pediatric Dentists all across the US and overseas. Find map location and contact information for kids dentists located in the 75208 zip code area in Texas.

Dentist Contact Details

Dentist Name: Elizabeth Leddy Laborde
Street Address: Dallas, Texas 75208-3564
Phone Number: unknown
Website URL:

Map Location For Dr. Elizabeth Leddy Laborde in Dallas, Texas

Make sure to ask about the dental services offered, which can vary between different dental offices. Some services offered by kids dentists may potentially include:

Comprehensive oral exams
Growth and development evaluations
Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas
Oral conscious sedation by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
IV sedation by a Pediatric Anesthesiologist
Pacifier or thumb sucking counseling/appliances
White tooth colored fillings
Tooth Extractions
Oral hygiene and dietary health counseling
Protective tooth sealants
Flouride treatment
Soft toothbrush and rubber cup teeth cleanings
Space maintainers
Low doseage digital x-rays
Pedi partials
Hospital dentistry

As a dental specialty approved by the American Dental Association (ADA), finding a quality dentist for your kids can give you peace of mind. Make sure to check out all of the local Pediatric Dentists listed in Dallas, Texas and in other cities across the US and worldwide, here at PediatricDentistNearMe.com.